If you have had success finding or selling a BMW 1-Series M Coupe and would like to leave a small finders or sellers fee, of course we'll accept it, but do not feel in any way obligated. We love what we do!

This chart plots the currently listed BMW 1-Series M Coupe's list prices against their mileage. The theory is that if you buy a coupe charted below the trendline, you're getting a good deal. There are many other factors at play in the prices though. The prices also generally follow a curve with mileage decreasing the price less and less as it increases.

Listing ID: 22782 - 38354 Miles, $96999 Listing ID: 22709 - 15279 Miles, $75990 Listing ID: 5638 - 13000 Miles, $120000


BMW 1-Series M Coupe Sales

These charts plot the recently sold BMW 1-Series M Coupe's known sale prices against their mileage. If you have recently purchased a car and would like to contribute your sales price to increase the accuracy of my data, please email me at

Listing ID: 22652 - 86000 Miles, $44100 Listing ID: 22649 - 74100 Miles, $54340 Listing ID: 22337 - 69000 Miles, $45675 Listing ID: 22298 - 68000 Miles, $51196.95 Listing ID: 22133 - 30000 Miles, $39900 Listing ID: 22521 - 21000 Miles, $71925 Listing ID: 21374 - 13786 Miles, $71925 Listing ID: 19352 - 10790 Miles, $74990





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