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5,158 miles

2011 BMW 1-Series M Coupe in Valencia Orange Metallic over Black Boston Leather with Orange Stitching
  • Exterior Color Valencia Orange Metallic

Seller Description

Valencia Orange Over Black Leather/Alcantara, Collector Quality Car Showing Just 5,158 Miles at the Time of Cataloging and in Exceptional Condition.

BMW built its reputation on fun-to-drive and luxurious sports coupes and sedans. When BMW began the M division, the team took the brand's already well-engineered cars and turned the performance up a notch. Using racing technology, BMW Motorsports created a lineup of performance vehicles to rival the world's best sports car manufacturers, but with added practicality and comfort. In 2011, BMW decided to give the M treatment to the 1-series coupe. Already a comfortable, nimble, and quick daily driver, the M division turned it into a performance icon and one of the most desirable cars of the 2010s. Using the 1 Series tii Concept from the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show as inspiration, the BMW engineers took a 135i and set to work changing the engine, chassis, and bodywork to bring it up to M Performance standards. Called the 1M, upon its debut in 2011, the car immediately received rave reviews and earned its place in the pantheon of great BMW M cars.

This 2011 BMW 1M is finished in the launch color of Valencia Orange over black leather and Alcantara interior with orange stitching. If you want a 1M that is in essentially factory-fresh condition, this is the example for you. Showing just 5,158 miles at the time of cataloging, this car has been lovingly cared for from new and cherished as the future collectible that it is. On the exterior, there are a few small modifications that have been carried out that really enhance the look of the car, like a set of black kidney grilles and a carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler that looks like it could have been applied at the factory.

The inside of a BMW 1M has a strong focus on driving. Although there is a screen in the center stack, it sits far enough back on the dashboard to not be in the driver's face, while still providing the information you need for the infotainment system. The black Dakota leather is accented throughout with orange stitching to match the exterior, and the shift boot, e-brake boot and a strip of the dashboard are all wrapped in black Alcantara with more orange stitching. Overall, the interior of the 1M is very simple, but in a positive, classic way.

Powering the 1M is a variant of the twin-turbocharged inline-6 from the contemporary Z4 sDrive35is, making it the first M-car to utilize a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine. Producing 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque in normal driving, when you are really getting after it, an additional 37 lb-ft of torque is available during over-boost for a few seconds at a time, bringing peak torque to 369 lb-ft. The only gearbox available in the 1M is a sweet-shifting 6-speed manual that has perfectly spaced ratios for canyon carving. Under the car, the suspension received numerous bits off of the M3, making for a car that is 2.9 inches wider up front and 1.8 inches wider in the rear- which, along with the wider tires, necessitated the car's legendary fender flares.

The 1M has already gone down as one of BMW's greatest performance cars of the past decade, and that reputation will likely just grow going forward. Although there are plenty of new BMW cars that are faster, more comfortable, and pull better handling numbers on the skid pad, that isn't what this car is about. The 1M is one of the last BMW cars that really lets you get in touch with what matters when you are behind the wheel experiencing the joy of driving.


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