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SOLD on or around February 9, 2022

59,500 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2011 BMW 1-Series M Coupe in Alpine White 3 over Black Boston Leather with Orange Stitching
  • Exterior Color Alpine White 3

Seller Description

Just a little history on the Car it was used for a track car for some time but always maintained very meticulously as I thought id never replace the car. The car was worked on By JMP Autowerkz for every single mod on the car including oil changes every 1-2k miles as well as any other maintenance. I still have all the recipients for this. Some of the photos are out of Date or mixed, I currently don't have any up-to-date photos as the car is getting a new hood and bumper. The aero has been removed and stock parts put back the car will also have a completely stock interior and some engine mods just casual bolt-ons to make the N54 better such as a charge pipe, intercooler, inlets/outlets, upgraded turbos. The car also has a lot of suspension and other parts such as KW club sports, SPL arms, Stoptech Trophy BBK, BBS RIA Wheels, custom Cage. If those parts are wanted I will include them with all the stock parts. I have 99% of the stock parts which I will include if you wish to buy the car as-is. If you would like some current photos to message me and I will get that ASAP.


Newbury Park, CA

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Posted: 2/9/2022 8:57:35 AM by Jon Martin

Listings removed; looks like it sold

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