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44,050 miles

2011 BMW 1-Series M Coupe in Black Sapphire Metallic over Black Boston Leather with Orange Stitching
  • Exterior Color Black Sapphire Metallic

Seller Description

Is it possible for a car to both inspire awe and RAGE at the same time?? I am in AWE of this car because it truly represents BMW at it's zenith it's pure, unadulterated, Ultimate Driving Machine. In fact I would posit that new BMW engineers should be REQUIRED to drive at least 1,000 miles in a 1M to show them what BMW DNA is supposed to feel like. This car is proof that a pseudo modern BMW can represent the core values of the brand! So clearly I like this car, so why does it inspire RAGE.... Have you driven a modern BMW lately? They are AWFULlifeless, over-assisted, Lexus like, machines designed by people who worship at the alter of Apple like interfaces with no appreciation for the soul, magic and DNA of BMW greats who came before. I used to LOVE BMW, countless E30's, E36's, E24's, E39's and more have graced my garage and they have been thrilling, emotional, pure.... Ugh! I need an Advil... Ok, enough ranting, lets talk about what makes these cars great! Take the already great 135i and dig thru some amazing BMW parts bins.... M3 brakes, limited slip rear differential, aluminum dampners, rear subframe and suspension. Now throw on some fender flares that would make the almighty E30 M3 proud covering the M3 Competition package wheels and super sticky rubber and you have a package that is SO much greater than the sum of its parts. This car belongs alongside the 2002 Tii, E30 M3, Euro E36 M3, E24 M6, Z3M Clownshoe, E46 Competition and the like. Sadly BMW only built this car for just one model year and brought just 938 examples to North America. It is almost like a rogue group of BMW engineers built a car and when senior management saw one they blasted out the following memo "While our tagline is Ultimate Driving Machine, that is mere marketing hyperbole... we are now worshipping at the alter of sales numbers. Please halt production immediately...." These 1M's achieved cult status immedately and are highly sought after. A few other key notable things 44k miles 100% original, no modifications 100% original paint and clean Carfax Just received a major service at BMW Very nice inside and out, some minor rock chips in the hood Come experience the magic, you won't regret it....


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